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Sárosdi Wine Cellar and Guesthouse

The Szekszárd wine region is the home of outstanding red wines, prominent rosés and white wines. The ideal microclimate and the fertile, sedimentary loess soil make it possible to produce wines with rich, complex taste.

On the lanes of this excellent region, our family started growing wine in 1990, with only a few square fathoms of zweigelt and kékfrankos. Today, 20 hectares of grape field are cultivated.
In our family business in Leányvár chardonnay, rizlingszilváni, pinot noir and kékfrankos, in Előhegy merlot, in Tót-valley cabernet franc, on Strázsa-hill cabernet sauvignon and kékfrankos are grown.

In our Wine Cellar modern technology and traditional wooden barrels are also present. White wine and rosé are produced with reductive fermentation, preserving the characteristic fruity flavours, fragrance and freshness.

After our big-body red wines are fermented with grape skins, wine maturation takes 12-18 months in traditional wooden barrels, then the wines are bottled and after 6-12 months in the Cellar in bottles, our red wines are placed on the market.

Wine tasting - Hospitality

In our Wine House, the separated, air-conditioned rooms for 25 and 50 persons make it possible to organise wine tastings, family gatherings, business meetings and other events.

After advance arrangements, in our wine tastings the guests may know all the Sárosdi Wine Cellar wines which are present in the market, the Wine House and the Cellar are introduced as well and purchasing wine on site is also possible.

To our wines, scones and cheese, cold and warm meals are served as requested.

Our wine tastings can also be organised on other sites and events as well, such as wine dinners or friend gatherings, after advance arrangements.


Information: Judit Sárosdi | +36-30-262-8395 | szallas@sarosdi.hu

Our guests are accommodated in well-furnished rooms with quiet environment. It could be a longer holiday or only one night, the comfort of our Guesthouse provides perfect relaxation to everybody.
We welcome our guests with double rooms, which can be spare bedded, an own car park and wonderful views of Szekszárd.
In each room of the Guesthouse an LCD TV, cooling-heating air-conditioning, a spacious bathroom with a shower are provided to our guests to their comfort.


Operated Roof: Sárosdi Pince Kft.

Address: H-7100, Présház street 8 .
GPS: 46.358742, 18.693893 | 46°21'31.5"N 18°41'38.0"E

Phone: + 36-30 / 216-1197, + 36-30 / 262-8395
Fax: + 36-74 / 419-879
E-mail: info@sarosdi.hu, szallas@sarosdi.hu
Facebook: facebook.com/sarosdibor

VAT number: ...................................
Operating license: 1333/2007 2921 I.

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 02:00 pm
Saturday: 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 pm
Sunday: -

Accommodation info:
Judith Sárosdi | + 36-30 / 262-8395

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